Thursday, October 13, 2016

Walk down an old dirt road

There ain't nothin like a walk down a country road! I went for a walk today down a backroad near where I live.

It's such an amazing feeling. The feel of the sun on your back, the trees all around, the fresh air, the sounds of nature.

Sometimes it's exactly what you need to clear your mind and take away all your stress. Don't underestimate this as a form of therapy!

It really works. I literally felt all my stress melt away after doing it. I forgot what a good feeling it is. I'm really thankful that I live on the edge of town so there are backroads around.

Try it out sometime, it's great for your mental health and to clear away all your stress and troubles. I really recommend it.

One thing I love about living in Missouri is there is country all around! I will probably always live in Missouri, I love it here so much.

It's where my heart and home is forever.

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