Thursday, March 1, 2018

Blogging vs. YouTube (thoughts)

I've been a blogger since around 2009 I think. Somewhere in there. I started YouTube shortly after, but I originally started my YouTube channel to promote my blog.

My first video was me just saying "hey I have this blog, check it out, etc.". I love YouTube. I really enjoy making videos.

In my heart though, I think I will always be a blogger first and foremost. I once asked someone what my strengths were when it came to all this "online stuff". They told me blogging/writing was one of them.

Hey, I'll take it. I always come back to blogging, no matter how many videos I make. I think blogging is where my true passion is.

I love YouTube, don't get me wrong. I'm passionate about it too, but sometimes I find it easier and more fun to blog.

I guess blogging comes a little more naturally to me. I do love them both though. They kind of "complement" each other.

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