Monday, July 10, 2017

The problem with the law of attraction

Now I don't want to be so bold as to say the law of attraction doesn't work at all, but there is a huge problem with it, which I'll discuss.

One of the most basic principles in life is the yin and yang, positive and negative. For everything positive, there is an equal and opposite negative.

It's just how things work. There is no disputing it. You cannot have only positive, or only negative, they both have to exist.

Now think about the law of attraction. It teaches that you should "focus on the good" and hold images in your mind of what you want to attract (good things).

I have tried to practice this myself, and have learned a painful lesson. When you focus on the good, you will always bounce back into the negative.

I have reached some of my greatest depths of depression after "trying" this out. It's like when you stretch out a rubber band, it eventually has to snap back the other way.

That's what is happening when you use the law of attraction. You cannot focus on the good all the time. You CANNOT only have positive thoughts. It is impossible and unnatural. You have to have a mix of positive and negative.

It's just how the universe works. 

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