Thursday, April 13, 2017

RickRolling IRL with Rick Astley (Real life RickRoll)

This is one of the best videos I've ever seen. I have always thought Rick Astley was awesome, even since I first saw the RickRoll. I have always been a fan of Rick Rolling people. I used to do it to friends, and it was funny every time.

He is probably the most viral star on the internet. Almost everyone knows about Never Gonna Give You Up.

And this video is really awesome because it is actually him going around RickRolling people in real life.

How much more epic can you get than that? It doesn't get better than that. I'm surprised I'm just now seeing this video.

This song has made him a legend. He continues to get more popular on the internet, and off. The looks on some of these people's faces when he shows up with the song playing.

This is the best idea ever for a video. I'm glad I came across this one. Really made my day. If you're a fan of Rick Astley then share this so your friends can see it!

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